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Triumph Mobility Escape

Description The Escape rollator offers you the independence to maintain an active lifestyle and the confidence that comes from a reliable and comfortable design. This adjustable, foldable rollator suits almost any user, with a compact construction that makes it easy to fit into the trunk of a car. You can even fold it partially while in use to fit through narrow doorways! Customers like the Escape because it is compact yet comfortable, with a large padded seat and ergonomic backrest. Made of lightweight aluminum, the Escape is designed for durability and its flexibility to function while walking or seated adds comfort to a user’s daily routine. Want to walk to the store and stop along the way for a chat or a coffee? No problem when you know you have always got a seat available to save your energy. Special features include brake handles designed at a more natural angle to reduce stress on wrists, hand grips that are wider for easier grip, 3 seat heights available (19, 21, and 24 inches) and a slim profile that’s easier to store or fold partially to fit through narrow passageways. A convenient, foldable shopping bag is included.